Articles about Spirituality

What Are Psychic Detectives?
By:Ilana Waters

Psychic detectives are individuals who investigate and attempt to solve crimes through supernatural gifts or abilities. Although it is not often discussed, police investigators and private citizens sometimes use psychic detectives for help with tough cases. Although there is no scientific proof that these individuals provide more information about a case than standard investigation methods, their uncanny ability to perceive and predict events can benefit those who seek answers.

Psychometry is one way a psychic may help solve crimes and perplexing cases. Psychometry refers to the ability to gain knowledge by holding or touching a particular item. Often, this is an item that belonged to a victim for whom police are searching or something touched by the victim during a struggle or before the person died. The psychic quiets his mind and concentrates on the victim or item, hoping that insight can be gained about the details of the crime.

Another way in which psychics seek answers is by communicating with those whom ordinary people have trouble contacting. This can include individuals far away, those who are lost or kidnapped or those who have trouble physically verbalizing their thoughts (such as victims of shock or stroke). This type of communication is called mental telepathy. Psychics can also attempt to communicate with the dead. They may ask how or when a person was killed and if the victim knows who the murderer is.

The Future
Some psychics claim to be able to see future events before they are given any indication or probability of the events taking place. Although the use of the crystal ball to see into the future is somewhat of a stereotype, such tools are still employed by certain psychics. Other techniques include using the I-Ching (an ancient Chinese divination system), tarot cards or runes. At times, a psychic will simply meditate to see into the future. Regardless of the method, the psychic tells investigators of any insights gleaned, including where new evidence may be found or whether another crime will be committed.

The Past
Clairvoyant retrocognition can refer to a psychic's ability to see events that happened in the past, even if the psychic was not there to witness them and did not hear about them from an external source. A psychic may visit the home of the victim or her family or the scene of a crime. The psychic may then be able to reconstruct events that occurred there, giving officials additional information about a case or a suspect.