Articles about Spirituality

Ethics for Psychics
By:Ashley Schaeffer

Much like counselors and therapists, professional psychics are often sought out by those who are experiencing times of great need and crisis. Because clients may be extremely vulnerable when they make contact for guidance, it is especially crucial that psychics live by a strong code of ethics that protects the best interests of their clients.

Psychics often hear an individual's deepest, darkest secrets during a reading and may be witness to information that even the client's close friends and lovers are ignorant of. Because of the high sensitivity of such information, psychics should be sure not to casually discuss their clients' issues with others. If they discuss a client for any reason, it is crucial that they include no identifying information.

Many believers in the spiritual and psychic world give a great deal of weight to the interpretations a psychic has to offer, so much, indeed, that they may believe that her words are set in stone. It is important for psychics to communicate that their interpretations are "likely scenarios" that may occur if events continue to unfold as they have. Psychics should emphasize that the future is changeable and that, like any other individual, they are subject to error.

Ideally, psychics should work toward the common good of all human beings and have the best intentions of their clients in mind while doing their work. That includes using their intuition not only to provide information that is unknown to the client but also to gauge whether divulging it would be helpful or damaging to the client. Psychics should always keep in mind what will ultimately serve the client's highest good.

Whether a psychic works over the phone through a company or has a private company, the industry is typically known for its high prices. Since psychics should be working for a client's best interest, they should be certain that all clients are abundantly clear about the precise costs that they will be incurring for the services provided. That includes being upfront about any additional costs and may include the price of ceremonial materials, such as sage, special herbs or candles.

Scope of Practice
Psychics should always be open about what types of services they are competent at providing. If a psychic is experienced at giving tarot readings and has extensive knowledge of astrology, that should be made clear to clients. If a client is interested in a different kind of service, such as an I Ching reading, a psychic should refer him to a colleague who is more suited to providing it. A psychic should never overestimate her competence to a client.