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How to Clear Your Psychic Pathways
By:Tara Green

All people have some psychic abilities. While some people may possess a more natural aptitude than others, everyone can learn to pick up psychic signals. A problem many individuals face is an accumulation of psychic debris blocking access to their psychic channel. With some preparation and practice, you can develop your own psychic abilities.

Take care of your health. If you do not get enough sleep, or frequently ingest substances that leave you either sluggish and tired or nervous and distracted, you lessen your chances of improving your intuition. Notice how different foods and beverages make you feel--if you tend to fall asleep after eating bread or steak, for instance, you will want to shift your diet. If caffeine makes you edgy, try to avoid it or at least cut down on your consumption. Exercise frequently enough that your chi or prana, the body's vital life force, does not become stagnant.

Learn to meditate. Many people hear so much mental chatter throughout the day that they simply fail to pick up on available psychic information. Meditation will enable you to become calm and clear enough to perceive psychic information. Patience is key, as five or ten minutes of practice will not immediately yield messages from your angels, departed loved ones, shamanic power animals or ascended masters. Begin by simply sitting and breathing. Close your eyes. Mentally observe your breath, becoming conscious of when you inhale and exhale. Notice when your mind tries to stray from this process and gently return to noticing your breath. Try to build your meditation practice to at least twenty minutes each day. Stilling your mind will make you more relaxed, and eventually, more receptive to psychic messages.

Use the balanced state you gain from meditation to recognize your prejudices and emotions. It is important to be able to distinguish between your feelings and opinions and genuine psychic messages.

Let go of your former ideas about being psychic. If you think psychic skills are scary and you will end up seeing dead people, your fear may create a subconscious block. If you believe only a few gifted individuals have psychic abilities, you are setting yourself up to fail.

Learn to recognize psychic messages. Contrary to what films portray, psychic messages rarely arrive in the form of written messages that mysteriously appear on the walls. Some of the psychic signals you receive may come to you in dreams. Others will arrive through seemingly small details of everyday life. If you see something slightly unusual on your way to work, for example, treat the event as if it were a dream, and look up any possible symbols in a dream dictionary or website. Treat these messages as important. After all, no one continues to speak with someone who ignores them. Pay attention to what your psychic guides tell you and they will continue to give you information.