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By:Rachel Ann

Sirituality is the idea that we can look to be guided from within our being by listening to our spirit, first of all we need to understand that we are made of mind, body and soul and these things need to interconnect and be understood we are not material beings but spiritual. Those who are spiritual have no need for another person to lead them, for their guide is the compass within them that never allows them to go off course.

Spirituality is, in the most basic sense, matters pertaining to the spirit and is based on the idea that there exists something, be it a state of mind, a being, or a place, that is outside the experience of our five limited senses. Spirituality is the personal relationship of the individual to this state of mind, being or place and often emphasizes the notion of a path, that spirituality is a goal in achieving understanding, or an improved relationship with the sacred.

All of us are spirits energies connected with one another and comprising the whole spirit. Everything that is, exists within that entire energy, some may call it God, but you are part of it, and your connection with the divine source can never be severed. Psychic Mediums are highly aware of this & can connect to other spirits.

Spirituality is never religion, for it never asks us to look outside ourselves for answers. The spirit is ever close, never far and always connected to us for it is us.

We are divine beings having physical experiences, and not soley physical beings living a temporary life. Those that choose to believe they are imperfect and lacking are living life and looking outward, spirituality looks inward and need nothing but to know the truth of who we are. This path that few understand brings inner peace, something a religion cannot do. Many are drawn to those who practice as psychic readers as they are closer to spirituality than the querent.

There are many different types of spiritualist, some visit spiritualist churches, some sit in circles and others hone and develop their intuitive skills to use within the psychic readings arena.

Modern day spirituality can be seen in action via the very vast and very credible metaphysical industry, where one can obtain spiritual guidance through channels simply known as psychic or psychic medium phone readings, what unfolds is however is often an illuminating & glorious insight, lifting the soul & spirits.

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