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How to Teach Children About Spirituality
By:Alexandra Bee

Tackling important life subjects with children may sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming---as it might be difficult to find the "right" words to say on the topic. Teaching your children about spirituality is a personal choice but is also a big decision of how you would like your children to view the world. Incorporating your own values and thoughts about spirituality is a decision only you can make before choosing to talk with your children on spirituality, religion and other life views.

Think about and review your own beliefs on spirituality and religion before you begin speaking to your children on the matter.

Talk with your spouse or family for advice on approaching your child based on your personal beliefs or your family's religion.

Create a list of your beliefs and why you believe them, and also determine if you would like to share other worldly beliefs and information with your children. Sharing an equal amount of information may help to allow your child to choose his own beliefs about spirituality.

Ask your child about her thoughts on spirituality and her own beliefs in life (depending on her maturity and current age). Alternatively, you can also wait for your child to ask you questions about life and death before you decide to contribute to the conversation (if you feel more comfortable).

Keep an open mind when listening to your child's thoughts, opinions and beliefs. Avoid rejecting or ignoring your child's questions or own opinions, as this may cause a rift between your relationship and trust together -- closing your child off from opening up to you.

Listen to your child and his thoughts on religion and spiritual beliefs as he grows up to build a connection together while he explores the world around him. When you do speak on the issue rather than solely listening, answer honestly and directly while sharing information from various religions and spiritual history.