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How Can You Grow Spiritually in The Material World?
By:Nathalie Jean Gilles

Being spiritual is above all about having very simple internal qualities: calm, relaxation, wisdom, humour, courage, sensitivity, sweetness, and compassion. This transcends things, it is about who we are inside ourselves.

We can live in this modern world, work, enjoy the pleasures of modern life and still be a spiritual being, that is to say we can integrate these inner qualities to live more fully!

In reality, there is no contradiction between the material and spiritual well-being and efficiency, between love and loneliness and between dance and Zen meditation!

To possess an inner peace, this helps us be more spiritual. In a world that changes at any time, we find the calm inside. We do not need to feel trapped in a body which does not know the meaning of peace and relaxation.

The Spirituality of yesterday is not relevant to the world of today. In a changing world, the weight of tradition hinders the future, and spirituality also needs to evolve! Fortunately interfaith gatherings are accelerating, but for those who do not adhere to religion or New Age movements, is that it?

NO! Today, a spiritual life may sound idealistic, or unrealistic, and yet we have the most favourable context it is to live spiritually. Modern life supports rather than detracts from us being spiritual! We have access to a lifestyle that supports time- saving and convenience, this allows us MORE time to be with those we love and have quite time to meditate and also more time to connect with others.

Over the centuries, a spiritual being was to withdraw from the world and its vanities, to attempt an awakening of inner light, an individual achievement. In our "civilization", how many people can afford to leave their families, their work, to retire, to go and "find" themselves or their version of enlightenment?

Spirituality must be lived by each and every one of us in all places, otherwise it becomes elitism. The "purpose" of a spiritual life in the 21st Century, is to bring in our daily lives, values vital to our evolution, to embody: to live out these qualities in our material world.

Yes meditation can help us find the force, mental clarity. But action, action, is essential to give life to the values chosen, at the very heart of society, because that is what many of us urgently need.

The prospect of achieving individual success quickly loses its interest; the profits of collective values are far more important and vital to our spiritual evolution. We can have all the wonderful gadgets and time-saving devices as long as we see these things as tools that help and don't hinder our spiritual growth. Look at the benefits of modern life with joy don't be egotistical about them.

To be spiritual today commit to participate consciously in our daily life by embodying the values we hold at heart, support one another and make time for ourselves and others.

Nathalie Jean-Gilles encourages you to consider self-improvement ressources to overcome issues in life. Nathalie is a holistic therapist and she believes in the potential of human being.

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