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How to Find a Free Psychic
By:Michelle Aveyard-Barry

Whether you are looking for a psychic reading for simple fun or entertainment or for more spiritual reasons, a free reading is appealing. Psychics often charge by the hour or the session for an in-person reading, and calls to psychic hot lines typically charge by the minute. Through proper research and a time investment, you can obtain a psychic reading at virtually no cost at all. Since psychics will vary in reliability and accuracy, finding one who will not be a potential waste of money will make the visit a financially savvy and stable occasion.

Listen to local radio stations and search their websites. Many radio stations frequently have a psychic on as a guests on the show. Listeners can call into the station to receive a free reading via the telephone.

Check local event listings and directories for community events and functions. A local psychic may be offering a free seminar where you could be chosen to receive a free reading.

Call or email psychics in your area to try and arrange a group reading as a girls' night out function. As the coordinator, you may be able to negotiate your reading to be included as a thank you for bringing in business.

Visit carnivals and fairs. A local fair may employ a psychic for readings of those in attendance. There will not always have a charge for the reading, as the psychic's participation at the carnival may be simply a way for her to drum up new business.