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Reasons Why People Call Psychic Lines
By:Sandra Parker

People contact psychic hot lines for a number of reasons. For some, it is purely entertainment. For others, psychics can fulfill the need for spiritual guidance. Still others look to psychics to validate their decisions.

The No. 1 reason people contact psychic hot lines is for relationship advice. So much uncertainty surrounds people in relationships, especially troubled ones. Psychics can provide answers to pressing questions regarding the status of relationships.

Poor economic conditions also prompt calls to psychics. When people are uncertain of their employment status or whether or not they are headed toward unemployment, they may turn to psychics. People also derive a certain amount of comfort in knowing that tough economic decisions they've made have been spiritually guided.

Health concerns also top the list of reasons people call psychic hot lines. Much uncertainty revolves around people with health conditions. Spiritual guidance can provide peace of mind.

Psychic hot lines provide a valuable outlet for people. Customers can call and vent frustrations and voice concerns they may be unable to in their own lives while maintaining anonymity. This process in itself can be cleansing and healing.

Relationship Building
Most customers of psychic hot lines are repeat customers, meaning they have invested time, money and emotion in building a relationship with a particular psychic adviser. This relationship building may provide comfort to someone who has difficulty building or maintaining relationships in real life.