Articles about Spirituality

The History of Psychics
By:Steven Miller

Psychic ability is a controversial subject that many people promote as truth or discredit all together. Reports of people with psychic powers can be traced back thousands of years within many societies and civilizations.

Early Humans
Early humans were extremely aware of their environmental surroundings. Many people believed that otherworldly phenomena existed. They processed the world around them primarily through spiritual means. Psychic ability was part of this process.

Ancient Psychics
Astrologers, mediums, warlocks, witches, magicians and oracles advised many rulers in the ancient world. When a leader had to go to war, plant crops or appease the gods, he often relied upon those who claimed to predict the future, contact the spiritual world or interpret dreams.

Before Christianity became a major religion, psychics were often tolerated in the ancient world. Once Christianity gained prominence, psychics were considered "servants of the devil" and many driven underground. The Catholic Church perpetuated this persecution until the 18th century.

Reason, science, exploration and corruption stripped the Catholic Church of its hold on the Western world by the 1800s. Even though psychics were still not generally accepted, they had more freedom and a renewed interest began to emerge.

Joseph Banks Rhine, also known as J. B. Rhine, is considered the Father of Modern Parapsychology. He researched what he referred to as extrasensory perception (ESP) in the 20th century. Currently, there are psychics who work for profit and are consulted by political leaders, police forces and corporations.