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How to Use Spiritual Energy Through Shamanism

Shamanism is the belief that our existence is made up of 2 worlds, the world we live in day to day and the spirit world. Shamans are believed to be capable of traveling between these 2 worlds and invoking or controlling these spirits. This use of spiritual energy is said to create great power, including the potential to heal sicknesses.

Understand the Rituals of Shamanism

Research the myth and magic behind the religion of shamanism through the works of Joseph Campbell. Understanding shamanism in history can help with present comprehension.

Speak with a trained shaman for recommendations on spirit ceremonies to perform in private or with a group. You can locate a shaman through a Web site such as the Healing Arts Network.

Avoid spending an excess of money on using spiritual energy, as there are several shamanic practices you can do on your own for free.

Practice the principals of Tengerism to incorporate shamanism into your daily life. You can learn more on this at Tengerism.org.

Harness Spiritual Energy

Capture positive spiritual energy through a drumming spirit journey. Drum with a group or in private to achieve this change.

Invite a power animal to guide you on a journey to heal and strengthen your spirit. According to legend, a power animal is a source of energy you can call on whether you are in the midst of a spirit journey or simply going about your daily life.

Sing your way to stronger spiritual power through a power song. The fourth chakra is affected by certain powerful vibrations, and you can work with sound to strengthen your spiritual connections.

Use Spiritual Energy for Change

Use the energy you have harnessed to heal the environment. Shamanism practice believes that everything has a spirit, including nature.

Practice healing heartache and despair in your own life through the spiritual energy you've created.

Send out positive energy to heal the spirit in your loved ones. Your spirit can only grow stronger with more love around you. Whether you pray or simply practice positive thought or visualization, you may find that you--and those you love--feel better through this practice.