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How to Channel Spiritual Teachers

According to energy healer Barbara Ann Brennan "Each person has several guides who stay with (them) throughout many lifetimes." Sometimes a guide is chosen for specific learning and will offer this knowledge during certain life experiences. Learn her method of contacting your spiritual guide by reading the steps below.

Sit in a comfortable meditative position with your back straight and center yourself.
Follow your breath. Close your eyes and feel your breath as it flows in and out of your body. Visualize yourself literally following your breath into your body to its center. Repeat the reminder "Following breath to center," periodically to remain focused.

Stay in your quiet meditative state and know that you are safe and one with God.
According to Brennan, this realization allows you to hear the inner voice of your creator.

See a white shaft of light above you in your mind's eye.
Now see yourself being lifted into that light and experiencing the loving presence of your guide. Continue to visualize a pink cloud enveloping you in deep feelings of love and security.

Communicate with your guide.
Your spiritual guide will communicate in a way that is easiest for you to understand or receive. It may be visions of past experiences, general concepts or direct words. If one method fails to reach you, your guide will simply communicate in another way.

Remain focused.
Becoming fearful or distracted will block the harmony and inner peace needed for your guide to communicate. When this happens (and it will) take some time to find that peaceful place again before continuing the exercise.