Articles about Spirituality

How to Cultivate a Deeply Spiritual Life
By:Delores Williams

The Spiritual journey is a very personal one and each person will have their own story to tell of how they got to the end. It is the journey or process that makes the difference in a person's life. This article will talk about cultivating a deeper spiritual life regardless of your faith.

Meditate or pray.
There is no way around this aspect of the spiritual relationship. Prayer is a dialogue between you and your God. It is how you come to know His nature personally instead of second hand. Prayer is simply talking to God. It can be as simple as "Help" or as long as you want it to be. Meditation is reflection.

This is where a journal comes in. It is a good idea to write down your prayers and meditation because then YOU remember what you asked for and can see how it was answered.

Read your Spiritual Book.
Many people have been led astray because they don't know what their Source says for themselves. Some things sound right, but just a word can make a difference.

Worship God.
Some people find music the best way to express their heart. You may choose another option. The bottom line is that it must be from the heart and not from obligation. Find a style of music that you like that reflects your journey.

Attend Spiritual Meetings.
The reason is that life is tough enough without having a support system that encourages you in your faith, holds you accountable, and is there for you when you may feel lost or lonesome. Spiritual meetings are meant to help YOU grow by giving you the tools to help you grow such as opportunities to volunteer, support groups outside of the Spiritual setting, and wisdom for living.

Stay Accountable: This is a long journey and sometimes there are bumps on the road.
Sometimes we need others to help us over those bumps or deal with our past. We have to stay connected with people in order to do that. One of the ways that some leave the faith is they begin to struggle with an issue and instead of talking it out they run away from our spitual path. They still wrestle with the issue, but they add pride to the mix and sometimes that is far more difficult to overcome that the issue they ran away from.

Volunteer: If you ever want to understand spirituality you should volunteer.
You get to see humanity in all its glory and sometimes it is not pretty. Choose a position that you love or a talent that you would like to cultivate. The last thing you want to select is something that you hate because people will notice.

Be You: The biggest compliment you can pay to your spiritual life is by being yourself.
Many people lose themselves in mentors or what they think they have to be in order to be spiritual. Generally they make everyone miserable around them because they are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good. If you are a skater, skate on. If you are a dancer, dance on. Nature does not need an imitation of someone else. He needs you.

Put it all Together: The relationship that you cultivate with your spiritual source will be personal.
But it will flow into every area of your life. If cultivated it will shape your character, the way you treat people, and lead you into your purpose. It will not be a chore or an obligation, but a privilege.. Enjoy the Journey!