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A Course In Miracles
By:Craig Villarrubia <craig@craigvillarrubia.com>

A Course In Miracles says “When you have learned how to decide with God, all decisions become as easy and as right as breathing. There is no effort, and you will be led as gently as if you were being carried down a quiet path in Summer.”

If we accept that there is a God (Universal Energy, Source or whatever label you choose) then by definition we acknowledge that there is something much bigger than us at work. Because of Its inclusive nature (all knowing) and Its greater accessibility to everything (past, future and beyond) wouldn’t IT be a better source of decision making than our egoistic mind? Life can simply flow. Suffering can be dispelled if we chose to align with Higher Intelligence. Deciding with God (Love) and being led by inner guidance is the only way that truly works.

Despite logic we sometimes still get caught up in the belief that we are in charge and know best. This arrogant viewpoint misleads us in a search for peace and joy. Never was this more evident to me then when I was in my early thirties. More than ever my decisions were based on a limited and often egotistical point of view. In my “I know everything” attitude I had decided for myself what would “make” me happy. It was often a culmination of very attractive dating partners, illegal substances and/or exclusive “things” (i.e. cars, travel, velvet ropes.) I temporarily allowed these illogical and irrational empty rules and ideas to govern my mind. Choices were influenced primarily by self serving logic. As a result of the intense pain that these decisions brought on I eventually realized that my plan for peace and joy did not and would not work.

“Decide that God is right and you are wrong about yourself. He created you out of Himself, but still within Him. He knows what you are” reads A Course In Miracles. From this standpoint it is clear that my plan could not work because all along I took myself to be a fragmented identity. Constricted from love I believed I needed to draw out fulfillment from a projected world. However as the course says, God created me, He knows what I am AND I have not separated from Him. The scope of His judgement can outperform our mite size point of view. Therefore His plan MUST work. I only need to be willing to listen.

And like children who have temporarily lost their way, we must return to the Father (Love) and surrender to His direction. The willingness to listen to His voice is a choice (free will) - it is an inquisitive willingness. Experientially this means letting go of the illogical and irrational empty rules and ideas brought about by the ego. The ego is that voice in our head that would have us choose fear over love. It is the same voice that tells us that happiness is achieved somewhere in the future and that there is good reason for guilt because of something we did in the past. It is the voice that would prefer to drown out the present moment with discomfort and complain about what is wrong rather than experience what is right. We must be willing to question the validity of that voice and its credentials to decide what’s best for us. The bar of measurement is to simply ask “Am I being gently carried along life, without effort?”

When we choose to give up the storm in our head another voice speaks. It is there to guide and decide with us. That post storm voice is what’s left when all the mind chatter ceases to claim your attention - the ease and gentle silence and awareness that you ARE begins to emerge. In this unchanging and formless awareness peace reveals itself to you AS you. And like a rainbow after a storm, therein lies the passage to the “quiet path in Summer.”

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