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Native American Beliefs on the Tiger's Eye Semiprecious Stone
By:Harold Greengrass

Native Americans use tiger's eye to aid in financial matters, mental focus and meditation.

A member of the quartz group, tiger's eye is the planetary stone for the astrological sign Gemini. This semiprecious stone has a smooth, often silky golden and amber brown luster with red, blue, yellow and green tones. Some American Indians believe that tiger's eye holds metaphysical properties, including protection from abuses of power, preservation and proliferation of wealth, and increase in strategic focus.

Protection from Abuse of Power
Tiger's eye is believed to bring a sense of fairness and grace to leaders in powerful positions. Rather than abuse their wealth and power, leaders who wear or carry tiger's eye are more likely to treat employees and servants with respect and gratitude. In this context, the use of tiger's eye is believed to make teamwork situations more harmonious, ensuring that everyone feels heard and appreciated.

Attraction of Money
Perhaps the most common belief about tiger's eye is that its use attracts wealth while helping preserve the money that the wearer already possesses. It is also believed to prevent a sense of financial greed and aggrandizement. One method of enacting this power is to hold the stone to a full moon for as long as the wearer can, asking the moon to attract money into the wearer's life. After this step, the wearer simply keeps the stone near his or her money and waits for the results.

Increase In Focus
Some believe tiger's eye brings the mental strength of a tiger, increasing one's ability to intelligently strategize in business matters. In keeping with the determination of a tiger, a wearer of tiger's eye possesses the ability to focus on a single objective to its fulfillment, regardless of how long it takes. Some use tiger's eye as an aid in treating adult ADD.

Ability to Meditate
Because the practice of meditation and some forms of prayer are dependent upon an extraordinary ability to focus, tiger's eye is believed to aid in spiritual development as one achieves higher states of consciousness through clarity and mental fortitude. In this way, tiger's eye acts as a grounding tool, providing a single reference point from which the meditator or person praying can clearly perceive the universe.