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The Uses of Astral Projection
By:Chad Stetson

Astral projection is the process of intentionally inducing an out-of-body experience. While out-of-body experiences can be seen through materialistic eyes, the term astral projection always connotes something paranormal. People who practice astral projection believe that an out-of-body experience involves your consciousness expanding and separating itself from your body. Many techniques can be used to achieve astral projection. The methods all involve certain fundamentals: deep physical relaxation, mental concentration and an intentional attempt at gaining access to the spiritual world. Astral projection has many uses and many projectors use it for different reasons.

Astral projection can be used to examine yourself. By relaxing your body and quieting your mind, you enable your subconscious mind to reach out to the surface. Many projectors practice astral projection to learn what their subconscious mind is trying to tell them. By reaching out to spirituality in this way, you can get to know parts of yourself that were previously unknown to you.

Exploring Spirituality
Projectors all share one desire in common: They all thirst for spirituality. Astral projection allows people to make contact with a reality outside themselves. The human soul is finite; there is only so much you can explore within yourself. By projecting your consciousness to the spiritual realm, you are able to learn about topics that you wouldn't have been able to learn by yourself.

Astral projection is a highly efficient relaxation tool. By freeing your consciousness from your body, you allow your mind to truly flourish. Astral projection allows you to feel totally rejuvenated. Your mind is free to explore and develop, while your body is fully asleep. Astral projection allows you to release your emotions and feelings in a creative way. It's a good idea to attempt a projection right before you go to sleep, as your body will already be prepared to relax and settle down.

Exploring the Real World
People who practice astral projection believe that after they project, they are free to wander around a direct copy of the physical universe. Although their projection is spiritual, they believe that the spiritual world is intimately connected to the physical world. Because of this belief, people use astral projection to accumulate knowledge about events in the physical world. For example, during astral projection you could move into an adjacent room or a completely new location to find out what's occurring at that time.