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Regression Therapy Training
By:Deborah Castellano

Regression therapy helps a patient reconcile his past lives with his present life and how the patient's past lives may currently affect him. The International Board of Regression Therapy must certify regression therapy training.

General Information
Students of regression therapy receive traditional therapy education as well as hypnotherapy, energy healing and bodywork. Completing regression therapy training typically takes about sixteen days of workshops, and the tuition is typically $2,000 as of 2010. Training in hypnosis entails a separate process.

A regression therapist must train to assist patients in accessing past lives through guided imagery, methods to avoid distraction when exploring past lives and handling the death experience. The regression therapist must build bridges and clear energy blocks. The ability to heal past life and current life trauma must be part of the regression therapist's skill set.

Diploma Requirements
To earn a diploma in regression therapy (Dip RTh), the student must attend all workshops in the series, conduct supervised practice sessions, complete all assignments, clear personal unfinished business with regression therapy and present a written summary of five clients' sessions using regression therapy.