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How to Contact Your Spirit Guides - Anyone Can Do It
By:Jayzn Johns

Spirit guides are wise spiritual beings that have chosen to guide someone like or I as part of their spiritual advancement or development. Everyone has at least one spirit guide, but the majority of people do not know how to communicate with them and are oblivious to their presence even though their intuition and instincts can often come from their guides.

People who have awakened their psychic abilities find it easier to communicate with the guides, but anyone can do the same with a little bit of practice.

You may or may not already be aware of your guides around you. Some people have no idea that they are there whereas other people are vaguely aware of a guiding presence in their lives and others still know their spirit guides well and are on first name terms with them.

How your guide talks to you can vary from person to person. For one it is a feeling, for others it is verbal, and for some it is other methods. Only you will know which is the best way of communicating with your guides. Initially you may find they choose one particular method but with practise and determination you can make the communication clearer and easier.

There are a number of ways you can get in contact with your spirit guides. Which method works best is an individual preference, there is no right or wrong.

One of the best ways is through guided meditation. This will enable you to relax your conscious mind, which causes a lot of chatter, so that you can hear your spirit guides.

When you first start communicating with your spirit guides you will find that their voices are very quiet. Until you get used to communicating and almost strengthen the muscle, you will find they are literally whispering to you. As you get more and more used to talking to them so you will find their voices become louder and you can talk to them any time you like without having to go through a guided meditation.

As you begin to open a communication channel with your guides you will be able to ask them for guidance. Relax yourself and quieten your mind and ask a question that you need advice for. Keep yourself relaxed and mentally quiet and listen to the answer.

It may come as a picture in your mind or as a feeling, or a verbal communication or anything. Just listen to what comes in to your mind and follow it. This is likely communication from your guide.

Your guides are there to help you and will answer your requests for help. They are literally waiting for you to talk to them and will be really happy to hear from you. Start by using guided meditation to establish the communication channels and then keep practising and it won't be long before you find talking to your spirit guides almost as easy as picking up the phone.

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