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Is Astral Travel Dangerous?
By:Anna Houck

Is astral projection scary? Can you leave your body....and never come back? What are the risks when learning to astral travel? And has there ever been someone who has "disappeared" during an out of body experience NEVER to be heard from again?

The truth is, there is LOTS of bad information out there when it comes to astral projection.

You CAN'T disappear. You can't die (unless something happens to your REAL body while out).

You aren't going to get swallowed up by some great void, or encounter some sort of monster that's not going to allow you to return.

As a matter of fact, I'd venture to say the exact OPPOSITE.

Astral travel, and the OBE experience overall, is the most fun, spiritually uplifting adventure you can have.

Now, with that being said... there ARE some risks.

Your physical body can encounter issues, no different than if you were watching TV, reading a book or playing the piano. If you have a heart attack, for example... while in the astral planes, you may be in trouble! I've never heard of that happening of course, and while it may be HIGHLY unlikely... of course, it's a possibility. (but would have nothing to do with the actual danger you'd encounter in the astral realms themselves)

Some people use drugs to induce astral travel. Don't do it. Why? It's NOT a good way of exploring your own spiritual truth. Plus, it obviously is illegal... and depending on the type of drug, clearly dangerous as well.

It can also lead to very scary experiences, as your "tuner" (your brain) is temporarily NOT getting the right frequency, due to chemical stimulation. For that reason, I don't consider drug induced out of body experiences to be the same thing as the REAL thing (one of many reasons I don't recommend using any type of drugs for 24 hours before you intend to have an astral projection experience, and that includes caffeine if possible as well).

If you are worried about being scared, or losing your way, or not coming back from an out of body experience, don't be.

It's not going to happen. You are not only going to be fine... you are going to be FREE.

And if you've been reading some of the fear mongering style stuff that claims astral projection can kill you, harm you or cause you to meet monsters of any type, trust me when I tell you... if they genuinely believe that, they AREN'T doing it right!