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Have I Lived Before? Discover Your Past Lives! (Strange But True!)
By:Tina Bardo

Have I lived a life before this one? And if I have... how can I find out who I was? Interest in past lives is at an all time high these days, and the reason, at least from my perspective is very, very simple!

Ordinary people have ALWAYS had extraordinary memories of lives that don't seem to "fit" very with their current existence. Often, people will ignore these memories, or relegate them to dreams, or try NOT to think about them as they challenge their religious beliefs, or just don't want to come off sounding nuts, right?

BUT....the good news is, with so many books, tv shows and information being available that past life recall IS a very common phenomena, more and more people are comfortable sharing their experiences with others, and of course, getting VALIDATION that their own memories are real, true and 100% verifiable.

Interest in Past life regression has exploded over the last 10 years or so....and I've had this experience myself, and it's very cool! (unfortunately it can also be very time consuming, and costly as well) Past life readings, often offered by local or phone psychics, can be a great and inexpensive way to explore this whole area....without spending a ton of time, money or energy on the experience, until you know that there is good reason to continue.

Here are a few simple pointers if you are curious about exploring your OWN past lives, but aren't yet convinced it's a fact:

Remember that past lives MAY seem like an odd concept in our traditional Judeo/Christian Western culture... yet, in the vast majority of the world, the idea of reincarnation, and karma, and a soul that continues to grow over many lifetimes is a well accepted truth.

Don't "jump" to conclusions based on the opinions of others. This especially means those that tell you something you want to believe, or doesn't jive with your own personal experience or memories. (often a "quack" therapist may tell you that you were a King or Queen or famous celebrity in a past life, or suggest memories that you may NOT have really had, so keep an OPEN mind, but don't allow yourself to be snookered by new age nonsense)

Be very careful with expensive regression therapists... and not just because of the money, but because you want to make sure ANYONE who hypnotizes you is qualified, licensed and really qualified to do this type of work.

Keep it SIMPLE to Start! A simple 10 or 20 dollar psychic reading for past life recall is often more than enough to stoke your interest, or confirm memories, or get validation that your experience is authentic.