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Things That Stop Your Spirit Flow
By:Cody Sorensen

When you feel like life has beat you down and you don't feel like you can ever get up again, consider improving the aspects of your spirit flow. Anything that impedes your spirit flow should be kicked out of your thoughts. A thought can trigger a number of emotions. These emotions can trigger a number of other thoughts. If you feel like you've become trapped in those thoughts and emotions, slow down, take a deep breath and rejuvenate your spirit.

Harboring a Grudge
Nothing stifles a person's spirit flow more than not forgiving past wrongs. As long as you hold onto that angry feeling, your spirit flow will be dammed up. Whenever you harbor an ill-feeling toward a past experience, you give away a portion of your own spiritual power. That portion binds your mind to something in the past. The only way to reclaim that spiritual power and leave the grudge harbor, is by letting go of the offender's wrongdoing and forgive them. Letting go may sometimes include confronting that person and telling them how their wrong made you feel, telling them that you forgive them and then never looking back.

Negative Thinking
Erase the word "can't" from your vocabulary. Just like the snow on a mountain eventually makes its way to the ocean, you can increase your spirit flow capacity by becoming a problem solution thinker. Whenever a problem presents itself, thank the universe for the problem and then earnestly search the collective intelligence for solutions. The collective intelligence is the culmination of all those who have gone before you. There isn't a problem on earth that doesn't have a solution. There isn't a problem that your facing that hasn't been experienced by someone else. Recognize this to rid yourself of negative thoughts that would otherwise hold back your spirit flow.

Seeking Instant Gratification
Be happy with what you have. When you begin to recognize and find gratitude for the little things that you take for granted, the flood gates will be opened and positive spirit flow will happen in your life. Let go of any "I'll be happy when" kind of thinking. Be happy now with what you've got and let tomorrow take care of itself. If you base the measure of your happiness on what you don't have, you'll spend your life wanting more, never enjoying what you have in the moment. Enjoy the journey as you travel toward those presumed gratifying destinations -- when you get there, you won't be let down.

Unrealistic Expectations
Nobody can make you happy. Happiness starts with you. Give of yourself before you ask others to give to you. Your spirit flow travels from the inside out, not from the outside in. Everybody is on the same river of life wanting nothing more than to be happy, fulfilled, loved and accepted. Never expect more of others than you do of yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror each morning and embrace who you are. Be content with your lot in life and the stress of daily expectations will subside. Expect too much of any one thing, person or place and the reality won't be able to appease your fantasy.