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How to Be Spiritual Without Religion

Many Americans view themselves as spiritual but not religious. Some of these people have rejected religion because of a bad experience in the past. Spirituality allows one to connect to God through thoughts and experiences, while being religious involves belonging to a specific religion. Religious has more public connections through formal rituals and adherence to doctrine. Here are ways you can achieve higher spirituality without religion.

Pursue spirituality through personal growth and development. Think about what activities make you feel fulfilled. Look at mistakes as an opportunity for personal improvement.

Practice spiritual meditation. This can help you attain inner peace or achieve spiritual goals. Consider joining a meditation center if you need help during a difficult time.

Volunteer for an organization that aims to bring about positive change or helps others in need. Working beside other volunteers will provide you with insights to both spiritual and religious models. Address the needs of others around you.

Seek the company of other spiritual individuals who can help you along the path. There are many online resources or join a spiritual group. Discover spirituality workshops and retreats in your area.

Visit welcoming religious and spiritual centers that will connect you further with your growing spirituality.

Record your thoughts in a daily journal. Use this time as an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual health and track spiritual goals.