Articles about Spirituality

How to Develop Psychometry
By:Darlene Zagata

Psychometry is the art of sensing energies from an inanimate object. A person who has developed the gift of psychometry can hold an object in her hand and read the energies of that object. By doing so, information can be obtained. Even inanimate objects have an energy field of their own, and they can absorb the energy of the person or persons who possess the object. Those who are sensitive can read those energies. If you've ever held or been close to an object that made you feel a certain way, such as a sudden sensation of sadness or comfort, you may have a natural gift of psychometry. Learn how to develop it.

Hold an item in your hands. A personal item, such as a piece of jewelry or wristwatch, works well since it is in constant contact with the wearer, and the energy imprinted on it should be strong.

Focus on the object you are holding. Close your eyes if it helps you to concentrate. Direct your energy to the object in your hands. Let your thoughts rest only on the object.

Visualize a link forming between the energy of the object you are holding and your own energy. See the energy merging into one energy field.

Relax, and see what images come to mind. Pay close attention to what you are feeling or sensing, as well. Impressions may come to you in the form of images, thoughts, sensations or even a certain smell. Take note of any impression you may receive.

Notice whether the object feels differently in any way. Notice whether it feels hot or cool.

Accept any feeling, thoughts or impressions that you receive. If you are using psychometry to read for another person tell them everything that you have experienced. They will tell you if anything you describe to them is familiar and how accurate your impressions have been. If you are practicing psychometry in order to develop the skill, write down all of the impressions that you have received, and keep a journal to track the strength and accuracy of your skill as you continue to practice and develop.