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Psychometry Tips
By:Nicky Sutton

Hold objects to read the emotions embedded within them. Use your intuition to experience sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells that an object has absorbed sometime in the past. The concept behind psychometry is that objects, such as pictures, jewelry or clothing, absorb the energy and vibrations of the person who owned it in the past. The energy within the object can then be "read" by the person performing psychometry.

Choosing an Unfamiliar Object
Ask a friend to bring some objects to a psychometry session. Practice on someone you know because she can verify if your reading is correct. Ask her to bring things like a keepsake, photo frame, necklace or pen. Make sure she brings objects you have never seen before.

Meditate First
Relax before your friend arrives. Sit on a comfortable chair. Do not lie down in case you fall asleep. Remove all noise and distractions from the room. Empty your mind and go where your thoughts lead you. Do not try to control your thoughts. Imagine a great white light around you, protecting you. Remain this way for half an hour.

Create a Relaxed Atmosphere
Greet your friend and explain what you will be doing. Make her feel at home. If she is relaxed, you will be better able to perform psychometry. Light a candle or put on subtle music if it helps you to relax.

Set Rules for Behavior
Ask your friend to respond to you as you are performing the reading, but to do so quietly and calmly. Ask her not to get excited or start a conversation, but to confirm only if something makes sense to her or not. Ask her to write down everything you are saying during the reading.

Pay Attention to Images
Hold an object belonging to your friend and close your eyes. Clear your mind and let it wander uncontrolled. Similar to the images you see in your mind when you are imagining or dreaming, see what comes into your mind naturally now. Imagine where the object you are holding is kept and tell your friend what you see.

Listen to Your Feelings and Emotions
Focus on the emotions that come through to you. Think about how the object is making you feel. Tell your friend what you are feeling. You could be happy, sad or anxious, for example. Take some deep breaths and clear your mind again. Focus on your senses: smell, hearing and touch. Pay attention to any sensations coming through to you. Tell your friend about them.

Gain Feedback
Listen to your friend's responses. You are doing well if she is agreeing with you. Go into more detail if she cannot relate to what you are saying. For example, if you are seeing a garden, elaborate on the colors, sounds and smells in the garden. Tell her about objects you see -- the arrangement of chairs, a flowerbed or a garden ornament -- and she might recognize your descriptions.

Stop Naturally
Keep reading the object with your eyes closed, until you have explored all of the images, emotions and sensations it gives you. Stop when these are exhausted. Trying to extract more information than you should may lead to your own mind interfering and distorting the reading. Take a deep breath. Review your friend's notes. Go through the parts of the reading that made sense to her and the parts that did not. Keep practicing to improve the accuracy of your readings.