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How to Find Out About Your Past Lives
By:Sophie Levant

Many the world over feel that we have lived several different lives in the past, and that these lives have some sort of impact on who we are today. If you wonder about what has made you who you are, are bothered by certain fears and phobias, or merely curious about your past selves, here are some ways to get you started on your path.

Ask yourself why you want to experience a past life. Are there current situations and ailments you feel may be a consequence of actions committed in a previous life? Do you simply want to meet who you once were? It helps to write down what you want to achieve during a past life experience.

Remember that exploring past lives can be an intense and often troubling experience for some, so make sure that you are emotionally ready for the challenge. It's always best to go in with a clear head and an open mind.

Consult a past life regression therapist. There are several listed, though you may find someone more reputable by asking around for recommendations. A past life regression therapist is usually trained in hypnotism and often claims some psychic ability. During a session, the therapist will lull you into trance, then seek to bring out past life experiences through questioning and suggestion.

Try acupuncture. Some acupuncturists specialize in past life therapy. Needles in certain areas of the body are said to trigger parts of the brain supposedly dedicated to memories of past lives.

Many people use meditation in order to explore past lives. You can start with past life guided meditations available as recordings, in books and on the Internet.