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How Can Past Life Therapy Help?
By:Lisa Pulsifer

Past life therapy is based on the belief that we are much more than what our physical body lives through, and that exploring possible experiences previous to this lifetime can offer some valuable insight. Although no evidence backs up the theory, the experience of past life therapy often can provide useful information.

Past lives therapy is also referred to as regression therapy. In it, a therapist helps you theoretically "go back" to deal with unresolved issues that might be lingering from experiences before this lifetime. The idea of the therapy, which most commonly utilizes hypnosis, is that it allows you to explore who you were in past. After the therapy, you go through a review session to discuss what you feel you experienced. This can be the most important part of the session because it gives meaning to what you believe you saw. A link often can be made to current situations and patterns of behavior can be identified. For those that do not believe in past lives, the images that are developed through hypnosis can still be meaningful and help with current issues.

In theory, past life therapy can identify what unhealthy behaviors might be patterns and their origins. The desired result is to allow you to move forward in your life in a healthier fashion. Regression therapy also might help you identify why you might be drawn to a person more strongly than the relationship warrants. Phobias and strong feelings and attitudes about certain topics might also have their origin in past lives and can be understood better using this therapy.

Some less traditional uses for past lives therapy are also being developed. By figuring out what your strengths were in past lives, for example, you might be able to focus more on those strengths currently. When times are hard, experiencing good times through therapy might help get you through. Sometimes, when there are a lot of big decisions to be made, looking at past lives can help you see the bigger picture and make choices. Learning how you have previously interacted with your significant other can help you become closer and understand that love is never truly lost. Most of all, learning about your past lives might help clarify your spirituality.

Critics of past life therapy argue that the images a person sees cannot be proven to be linked to a past life. Dr. Jim Tucker, a child psychologist, explains that hypnosis is used in a lot of settings, but the problem is proving that the memories and images ever really occurred.

People who find past lives therapy useful often feel that the images and experiences can be beneficial whether you believe they are truly images of past lives or just the imagination.