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Past Life Regression Techniques
By:Lola Scarborough

Past life regression techniques can be done through a therapist or learned and self-administered. Often used when a subject is troubled by obsessive fears or behaviors or when repressed memories are suspected, this therapy may assist in recovery from subconscious trauma.

Controversial Approach
Past life regression is controversial. Proponents staunchly believe in its efficacy as a healing tool. Opponents of the practice just as firmly deny its legitimacy.

Whatever is driving the current issue or problem has its roots in the subconscious mind, according to Yail Manor, writing in "Past Life Regression Techniques," an article posted on thefreelibrary.com. Once the cause(s) of the current problem is identified from a past life, healing becomes possible.

There are three main approaches, or treatment methods: hypnosis, cause-effect or karma, and non-hypnotic. The purpose of treatment is to make trace memories conscious so that the effects on the present life can be understood and dealt with.

Under hypnosis, memories are recalled in an altered state of consciousness. The subject travels backwards in time by days, months and years, to the womb and to past lives, according to Yael Manor.

Cause-Effect or Karma
Under hypnosis, "karmic" acts from a previous lifetime are identified. When a therapist is used, he may also use birth information and observation of the subject to help classify the karmic act that needs to be worked through. According to the concept of karma, the consequences of past actions return to the person who did the actions.

In the non-hypnotic technique, words, pictures or emotions evoke a self-induced altered state that takes the subject back in time to the point where the past life or deed is recalled.