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Astral Travel Techniques
By:Alyson Paige

Astral projection is an experience during which a person leaves the physical body and travels in an astral body. The astral body is an ethereal counterpart to one's physical being. Unencumbered by gravity, the astral body can travel great distances and spans of time. The astral body is linked to the physical body by a cord, which keeps the astral body from losing its physical counterpart. There are accepted astral travel techniques that guide the ethereal traveler on journeys beyond the material world.

Astral Travel
Astral projection is an out-of-body experience. Some people are natural astral travelers, but others are fearful and never experience astral travel. Safely connected to the astral body by a silver cord, one's physical being is conscious of any astral experiences. Often, one who is astral projecting will cover herself in a blanket, since the physical body can get cold. Astral travelers must be relaxed. Astral projection is also called remote viewing or lucid dreaming. An astral traveler seeks spiritual insight into self and life.

Astral projection techniques include the Rope Technique. Seasoned astral travelers caution that your body energy affects projection, time spent out-of-body and the frequency you may attain. With every technique, you must maintain balanced chakras and achieve total relaxation through meditation.

Rope Technique
The Rope Technique requires no visualization. You must only know that a rope or ribbon hangs from the ceiling above you. Hang a rope or ribbon above you within reach. Get used to the rope. Lying or reclining beneath the rope, reach out and make contact with it with both hands. Do so often. While you will not astral project with the tangible rope, it gives you the sense of the rope's astral counterpart. You will climb the astral rope.

Once you have a sense of the rope, spend a few minutes doing a deep relaxation exercise. According to 5 Star, allow your astral hands to grasp the astral rope and pull your astral body up. Hand-over-hand, climb the rope. Imagine--do not visualize--the thickness and strength of the rope in your hands as you climb. The rope and you are in complete darkness, You know the rope is there. If you try to visualize, it expends valuable energy needed for astral projection.

As you begin to feel dizzy, know that this sensation is caused by your astral body releasing. It is crucial for you to become aware of how your pulling action causes your dizziness. Pay attention so you can increase awareness of the process. After performing the Rope Technique a few times, you will be able to create the mental action that causes the astral body to loosen.

Maintain your concentration on climbing the rope. Ignore every other sensation. As you climb the rope, you will feel heaviness leading to a trance. Next your chakras will open and energy will begin to flow. Vibration and a feeling of being paralyzed will follow. You are not paralyzed. Every sensation is the pressure you are applying to your astral body. Focus on climbing the rope. Nothing else matters to distract you from your goal. There is nothing to fear.
Finally, you will be free from your physical body, only connected by the umbilical cord. You are free and can travel at will. You may return at any time to your physical body.

According to Abhishek Agarwal, astral projection is completely safe. It is similar to dream states, but you are more involved with the experience during astral travel. Some people are fearful that they will not be able to find their physical bodies. The return journey is a simpler experience than loosening your astral body. Recall that you are not really separated from your physical body. The silver umbilical cord connects you. During astral projection, you have a split awareness. You are aware of your astral and your physical bodies. You will return even if you do not wish to do so.