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How to Learn the Astral Travel
By:Tina Amo

Astral travel takes oneironauts into a world vastly different from the physical one. Well-known laws that apply to the physical world, such as those of gravity, time and space do not apply here. Astral visitors can fly, appear bigger or smaller, travel to any time or place or do things with their astral bodies that are impossible to do with the physical body. Because of the limitless possibilities in the astral world, learning astral travel can lead to exciting adventures---and even spiritual growth.

Choose a time when you will not be disturbed. If you live in a busy household, you may need to wait until the other occupants in your home have gone to sleep or are away. Your home will need to be quiet.

Select a room and a comfortable practice surface, such as a recliner or sofa. If you decide to use your bedroom, choose a spot other than your bed. Most people fall asleep on their beds while trying to astral project.

Lie down on the sofa or sit in the recliner. Cover yourself with a light blanket to keep your body warm.

Place your limbs in a comfortable position. It may be best to stretch your legs out and keep your arms at your sides.

Take a slow deep breath to the count of four and hold it for a count of two. Release it slowly to the count of four and pause for a count of two.

Repeat step 5 twice. Afterward, continue to breathe normally with even breaths.

Keep your mind clear of thoughts. One way to do this is to focus on your breath without trying to change it. Focus on how the air enters and exits your body through your nose.

Be still. Resist the urge to scratch or move. Continue to focus on your breath.

Wait for your body to become heavy and fall asleep. This is called the Mind Awake Body Asleep phase. It is at this point that your astral body can separate from your physical body.

Roll your astral body out of your physical body. If this is difficult, just get up. Now that your physical body is asleep, your astral body is free to move about on its own.

Explore and experiment. Walk around your room and see what it looks like in the astral state. Touch things and try to hold them, and then jump and see if you can float or fly through the air.

Make your first astral experience no longer than a minute so that you can remember it. Since this is your first out of body experience, the longer you stay out of your physical body, the less likely you are to remember the experience. This will improve with practice.

Practice astral projecting regularly. The more you practice, the easier it will become, and the longer you can stay out of your physical body. As you become more experienced, try exploring outside your house, and then travelling around your neighborhood, your city and beyond.