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How to Do Astral Projection

Astral projection goes by many names since there has been varied literature over the past decades and even centuries. There are many varied phenomena including out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming, and astral projection that are all similar in that we become aware outside of the bounds of our normal body. While lucid dreaming involves becoming aware while still asleep and out-of-body experiences can often be unconscious and undesired, astral projection refers to the deliberate use of a technique to "project" yourself outside of your own body. This perspective is often called the "astral body." This technique is often done to explore this "dream world" and learn more about oneself. Use this guide to learn a simple to do astral projection.

Keep your body relaxed, and keep your mind aware. That is the basic method beyond this technique for astral projection.

Lie down on a flat, comfortable surface. This can be a floor, bed, or anything that works.

Relax your entire body. This is best done by slowing your breathing down, and taking bigger, fuller breaths. Do not strain your breathing but simply make it become deeper.

Deepen your relaxation by consciously scanning your body for any tension. Start from the top of your head and move down to check tension in your face, neck, and shoulders, all the way down to the bottom of your feet. Whenever you feel tension, inhale deeply and tighten up the muscle group around the area of tension. Hold the muscles tensed for about five seconds and release.

Visualize your body in your mind's eye exactly as it is currently lying down. Try to hold this image as vividly as possible.

Visualize a mirror image of yourself floating in the air looking down on your body the bed. Try to make this image as clear as the previously visualized image of yourself on the bed.

Transfer the perspective of your visualization from with your own head to the perspective of yourself floating above the bed. Visualize yourself lying on bed as if you were watching your own body from above.

Bring your awareness back to this floating, external perspective over and over again until it holds. Naturally, your attention will flip back into the normal perspective of lying on your back but you must persist in transferring awareness to the floating perspective.

Use your willpower to move around in this "astral plane" or "dream world" once you have maintained the perspective of floating.

Visualize your "astral body" lying down and meshing into your normal body when you want to "come back" to normal awareness.