Articles about Spirituality

The Effects of Astral Travel
By:Al Vick

During astral travel the mind reportedly leaves the physical body and moves into an ethereal replica of the physical. Experiencing this otherworldly place deeply affects a person in various ways.

Deliberate Astral Travel
Practitioners of astral travel suggest that with a little meditative discipline, anyone can learn to journey in this manner. During the first part of the experience a person often experiences a tingling sensation or vibrational state.

Out of Body Experiences
Out of body experiences (OBE) are very similar to astral projection, with the exception that they are not intentional. These either take place accidentally or as a result of physical distress, thus resulting in profound changes in a person's belief system.

Meeting Entities
Those who journey in astral reality often report realistic encounters with deceased persons and other spiritual entities, thus strengthening the belief in a continuation of existence after death.

Dangerous Entities
Occasionally, there are reports of frightening experiences occurring with dangerous entities. Often this discourages a person from undergoing any further astral travel.

Astral or out-of-body experiences profoundly change a person's overall perception of himself, living upon the Earth and the nature of the universe.