Articles about Spirituality

Using an EVP Machine
By:Julie Boehlke

An EVP machine or a electronic voice phenomena is used to interpret the sounds of static noise on an electronic recording device. An EVP can be used to listen to supernatural sounds or voices. EVP's are generally used in ghost hunting expeditions or in investigations of suspected paranormal activity. Using an EVP machine is an invaluable tool in the quest for obtaining information about the haunting or spirit intrusion at a location.

Find a location where you would like to try out your EVP. The best time to record for EVP is around 3:00 a.m. Unplug all electronic devices in the surrounding area.

Turn on the EVP machine and set it as far away from the detachable microphone as possible but with the microphone still plugged into the machine. This will prevent the microphone picking up noises that the machine may make such as clicks or humming noises. Make sure you set the EVP on a sturdy surface, such as table or the floor. Press "Record" and begin to record the silent background.

Observe the silence
Run the EVP for up to 30minutes. Try to be as quiet as possible. If you have to talk or move around record this information quietly on your notepad, also keep track of outside weather conditions, other unexplained noises you may hear, or if any electronic devices have started running since the beginning of the session.

Begin to ask questions out loud, directed toward the spirits and allow up to 30 seconds of silence in between questions.

Remove the USB card and turn off the EVP.

Insert the USB into the computer and run the EVP recording with ghost hunting software, such as Audacity.