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Using an MP3 Player for EVP
By:Tiffany Ameh

Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP, is electronically generated noise that resembles speech, though it isn't the result of intentional voice recordings or rendering. Some ghost hunters and paranormal researchers believe that spirits are communicating the voices through electronic devices like tape recorders. Use your MP3 player to listen to EVP recordings and judge for yourself.

Identify the EVP you wish to listen to on your MP3 player and save it to your desktop. If you don't have access to EVP recordings, refer to the resource section to download one.

Plug the the MP3 data cable into your computer's USB port and connect the other end to the MP3 player.

Right-click the EVP file on your desktop and select "Copy." Double-click to open your MP3 player's "Music" folder. Right-click on any blank space in the folder and click "Paste." Once the transfer is complete, disconnect your MP3 player from the computer. Now you can use the player to listen to EVP recordings.


Depending on your type of player, you may record your own EVP using the recorder feature on your MP3 player. Some MP3 players have built-in browsers that will let you download a file directly to your device if a Wi-Fi connection is available.