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Recording EVPs on a Computer
By:Nick Davis

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) uses tape or digital recording devices to capture what some believe are voices of people and animals who have died and are trying to communicate with the living. During an EVP recording session, an individual starts a recorder and asks a series of questions. Once the session is over, the recorder is stopped and the audio is played back and analyzed for answers to the questions asked. You can record EVPs with your computer so the audio can be analyzed and shared with others via email or the Internet.

Connecting the Equipment

Plug an external microphone into the "Mic" port on the side or back of your computer.

Open your computer's Internet browser.

Click on the "Winamp," "Audacity" or "RecordPad Sound Recording Software" link in the Resources section of this article to download an audio recording program for your computer. If your computer already has an audio recording program, skip to Section 2.

Click on "Download" to download the audio recording program.

Note, "RecordPad Sound Recording Software" is not a freeware program like Winamp" and "Audacity." You will be prompted to enter additional payment information before you can download the application.

Click "Save," "Save File" or "Save As" when prompted during the downloading process.

Navigate to the directory containing the downloaded file. Click on the file's name to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Recording EVPs

Open the audio recording program you downloaded or one already installed on your computer by clicking on the program's icon on the desktop, or by clicking "Start," "All Programs" and the program's name, if using Windows. If using a Mac, click on your Mac's hard drive icon. Click on the "Applications" folder, then click on the program's folder and file name.

Place the microphone on a tabletop or stand. If you don't have a microphone stand, support the microphone with your hand. You want to keep microphone feedback (noise emitting from the microphone when you lay it onto a surface directly) to a minimum.

Click on the audio recording program's "Record" icon to start recording the EVP session.

Speak clearly as you ask each question. Stand as close to the microphone as possible, but don't scream into the microphone. Pause after each question.

Continue asking questions for as long as you want.

Click on the audio recording program's "Stop" icon to stop recording the EVP session. The program will automatically finalize the EVP recording. You don't have to rewind the recording.

Click on the audio recording program's "Play" icon to listen to the EVP recording. Use a set of headphones to hear any low sounds and voices.

Click "File" and "Save As." Enter a name for the audio file in the "File name:" box. Click "Save" to save the EVP recording.