Articles about Spirituality

Psychic Reading Games
By:Martha Mendenhall

Persons who claim to have psychic abilities usually attribute their knowing to either hearing, seeing, feeling or "just knowing" the psychic information. Those who work in the field of the paranormal claim that all humans have at least one of these extra sensory perceptions (ESP) that makes it possible for anyone to do her own psychic readings. There are simple games and tests that can help you identify whether your strength is in seeing information (clairvoyance), hearing information (clairaudience), feeling information (clairsentience) or "just knowing" information (claircognizance).

Clairvoyance is the ability to gather extra sensory information through pictures and images that materialize in the person's mind. Sometimes described as miniature movies of the mind, clairvoyant ability can be tested best through picture games. Make a group of cards with clear images of shapes or simple drawings on each one. Shuffle the pile of cards and choose one at random, leaving the card face down on a table. Place your hand on the card and see if you can "see" the image that is hidden on the opposite side of the card. Turn the card over to see if you correctly guessed which image was on the card. Repeat this game with another person thinking of one of the images to see if you can also receive the picture from another person's mind.

Those who have special skills in clairaudience can hear guidance as if someone were whispering words either inside or from outside your mind. Begin by relaxing and letting your mind wander. Ask yourself a question. It could be about the future, such as, "What new opportunity will come my way?" or a question that solves a dilemma in your life, such as, "What kind of car should I buy?" Write the question down and read it to yourself, repeating it in your mind. Pause and listen. Do you "hear" an answer? If you do not hear an immediate response, remain open to an answer as you go about your daily activities.

To play a game to test your clairsentience, go to a public place like a library, bank or park and sit down near a group of people or a single person. Close your eyes. Notice any feelings that well up inside you and try to identify them. Now open your eyes. See if your feelings seem to belong to the person or people near you. This game also works with those who are close to you and can be a key to better personal relationships. The next time you are feeling angry or sad for no apparent reason, notice if someone you are interacting closely with is actually the one feeling these feelings. If so, you could be picking up that person's emotions through clairsentience.

You can test your claircognizance through simple games using dictionaries, magazines and other books that contain factual information. This game will work best with another person assisting you. Have your assistant open a book or magazine at random and silently read a paragraph or look at an advertisement. See if, by concentrating on that person, you can identify the topic of the paragraph or ad. You can also test your claircognizance by asking someone to think about what he plans to do throughout the day and then see if you can tell him something about his chore list.