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Tips on How to Increase Your Psychic Powers
By:Jaime Swanson

Everyone possesses psychic abilities, but some people are more aware than others that they have this talent. It is an ability that can be trained and nurtured. Psychic abilities are just an enhanced version of what we consider to be our normal, everyday senses. Clairvoyance extends our ability to see, while clairaudience extends our ability to hear. Telepathy, the ability to communicate, extends our sensing faculties, while deja vu is our ability of past memory recall. You can follow a few steps to increase your psychic powers.

Maintain a positive attitude. Every morning, before you start your day, read inspirational literature. Place affirmations around your house. Experts say that having a negative attitude will impede your psychic abilities.

Relax. It can help alter your state of consciousness. It allows your mind the ability to create. Practice your favorite relaxation exercises, breathing deeply and letting the world around you to stand still for a moment. Make sure you do this where you won't be interrupted.

Hone your ability to imagine. Remember when you were a child and you could imagine just about anything? Let your mind run wild again; don't squash even the most crazy ideas that come to your mind. To practice this, train yourself to visualize in great detail. Place a piece of fruit in front of you. Notice its ridges, blemishes, shape and color. Close your eyes and try to picture it. Is it the same as what's really in front of you? Keep practicing until the picture in your mind matches what's on the table. Expand on this to include smell, tastes, sounds and feelings.

Trust. You need to learn to trust your senses and your surroundings. You need to have faith in yourself that what your psychic mind sees is actually what you do see in real life.