Articles about Spirituality

Harnessing Physic Powers
By:Yvonne Glasgow

Everyone has psychic abilities, according to the book "How Psychic Are You?" Those who accept these gifts and take the time to harness them can use them. Psychic powers include the ability to sense things with the mind, like extrasensory perception (ESP). There are many kinds of psychic abilities that include clairvoyance, the ability to see things remotely; clairaudience, the ability to hear remotely; and clairsentience, the ability to sense remotely. Developing these abilities is a matter of knowledge, practice and being open minded. Someone who does not believe in these abilities will never be able to harness their own psychic powers.

Practice getting messages through psychic ability by listening closely to any feelings that cross the mind. Many people begin noticing their psychic abilities because of different events, like knowing who is calling before the phone even starts to ring. Practice this ability by concentrating on who calls may be from as soon as the phone starts ringing.

Use cards to help hone psychic abilities. Regular playing cards can be used for this test. Have a friend hold up a card, its back to you, and guess what card it is. Have them make a pile of right answers and wrong answers. The more practice that is done the more cards should end up in the right pile.

Take time out for meditation. "How Psychic Are You?" recommends using meditation to learn how to clear the mind to better accept psychic visions and messages. It is important to be clear headed in order to properly understand the purpose of psychic abilities.

Remember your dreams. "You Are Psychic!" says that dreams are also a place where psychic phenomenon happen. Keeping a dream journal and interpreting the dreams can aid in discovering messages that have been sent through psychic means.