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How to Develop Psychic Hearing

Psychic researchers believe that all of us have latent psychic powers that we can learn how to develop. Often, psychic experts associate these powers with each of the five senses and assert that psychic abilities are mere extensions of our ordinary sensory abilities. Sometimes called an "inner voice," psychic hearing is a step beyond ordinary hearing and is a psychic power that is relatively easy to develop.

Relax. Sit in a comfortable position, and take a few deep breaths.

Concentrate on the two sides of your head, just above your ears. The temporal lobe is the part of your brain associated with this area, and it's responsible for processing sound. Do not focus on your ears themselves, but feel as though you are focusing above them and within yourself.

Imagine large cones emerging from your temporal lobes and funneling sounds directly and deeply into the area above your ears.

Keep your focus inward, on the sounds within, instead of on outside noise.

Pay attention to the words or phrases that enter your head as you focus inward and on the temporal lobe area.

Interpret the meaning of the words or phrases you heard. Think about associations you might have with these words. These could be messages you have received through your psychic hearing.