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How to Know If You Are a Medium?
By:Jennifer Burdett

A medium is someone who can communicate with the dead or the afterlife. A medium may or may not be always able to contact a specific individual spirit, but he is always able to communicate. Religious dogma tells us that spirits do exist; we just need to develop the skills to be able to communicate with them.

Have a day without consuming any meat and alcohol. For thousands of years, history has shown that a true spiritual connection or enlightenment is first succeeded with a physical inner cleansing of the body, bringing positive results.

The following morning, place your mat or blanket on the floor in a room that you find comfortable and relaxing. If you live with others, ensure you are relaxed and alone at the time. Lie down flat on the floor on your back with your arms by your side and with your legs straight. Take relaxing breaths for the first few minutes and your body will then begin to relax. Once you can feel your body in a relaxed state, begin to take in slow deep breaths and empty your mind for 5 minutes.

Say the following words, within your mind, without speaking aloud: "I open myself up to positive spiritual communication." Take a deep relaxing breath and clear your mind. Relax.

Once you have received the urge to get up and continue with your day, continue the day without negative thoughts.

Almost immediately, you will notice a clearer thought process will begin and so will the spiritual connection with you. The beginning of the spiritual connection process is a positive guide on what to do and not to do. This helps teach you how to listen as a medium, when you listen to your positive inner voice. You will also have coinciding noises surrounding you and gentle physical experiences. These are part of the positive communication process from spirit guide to medium.