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Definition of a Psychic Medium
By:Neal Litherland

There has been a constant interest among people of a spiritual nature to understand the forces of the world. Questions such as whether the mind can feel and affect the world around them, as well as the disposition of the soul both before and after death, are important matters for these people to understand. Those with certain gifts who may be able to offer answers, and, in some cases more questions, are psychic mediums.

A psychic is a person who is responsive to psychic forces. These people may be capable of extrasensory perception, telepathy and other extraordinary abilities.

A medium is a person through whom the spirits of the dead are said to be able to contact the living. These people may often be referred to as channelers since they act as a conduit for the spirits of the dead.

If a person is a psychic medium, than they should have qualities of both. Those who can allow the dead to speak through them, as well as communicate telepathically with others, are examples of psychic mediums.

Generally speaking, psychics have no special tools they use, though they may have certain rituals to access their abilities. Mediums, though, may use tools such as summoning circles, altars or other paraphernalia, as well as certain rituals to put them in the proper frame of mind.

While science has often tried to quantify and qualify unexplained phenomena, there is little to no evidence in favor of the existence of psychic mediums. However, given the lack of scientific ability to measure the forces psychic mediums deal with, there are no definite answers one way or another.