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How to Prep for a Psychic Medium Healing Reading
By:F.R.R. Mallory

Imagine you are hiring the most expensive attorney or financial adviser in your city and then think about how you might prepare for that meeting. Your objective is to receive the best professional assistance that person can give you. If you are nervous, feel awkward, are too excited or worried, you may be unable to use the advice or insight you are being given. You also don't want to be taken advantage of. It's just as important to be prepared for your psychic medium healing reading.

Preparing For A Psychic Reading And Healing:

Remove all distractions by going to your private place. It should be furnished with some type of mat, pad, chair or couch that will allow you to recline or lay down without your arms or legs having to bend or touch anything.

Do a few simple stretches and then lay down on your mat. Use a neck roll if you are on the floor.

Bring into your mind the thoughts or injuries that concern you. Visualize the injury or disease in some way that makes sense to you.

Bring both your hands to your chest so that your palms face upward. Visualize the energy of the injury or disease moving through your sympathetic nervous system, like electricity through wires. This visualization is from the affected area inward toward your heart (cupped hands). This may summon emotions (good). Visualize until you feel your cupped hands are filled with energy.

Cast the energy away from your chest with a movement of your hands upward. Relax your arms back to your side. Breathe for a couple minutes and then repeat the process until you can no longer 'find' the discordant energy of the illness or injury. This is called an energy discharge.

Remove all jewelry. Wear loose neutral clothing. Go to your meeting venue.

Greet your psychic healer but do not touch her. Sit or lay down where directed (bring your own mat and roll if you were asked to do so). Do not answer any questions about birth sign, marital status, children, financial concerns, relationship concerns, etc. It is important NOT to prime a reader. Prepay your healing.

Turn on your micro-recorder. Make a statement about what you want to know or what injury is being worked on. Contain any future concerns to within a 30-day period. Example: My right knee hurts and I would like to work on improving how it feels. I would also like to know about a raise on my job this month. Later, you may be unable to recall the detail of what is said exactly. A recording will assist you in documenting your meeting. You can take notes in addition to recording the session. Relax. Your mental and emotional state should be calm and neutral. Don't nod or otherwise cue the psychic. A good psychic healer and reader will make statements or observations but will not ask many questions.