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How to Define The Different Colors of One's Aura

One's intuition can often recognize someone else aura color at the time. Most cache phrases such as "they are green with envy" is just an example of the capabilities of seeing one's aura. This article will describe which each color aura actually means.

Red - Red can mean anger and physical energy, if the color is a dark red as if crimson red this can mean high sexual drive and a more scarlet color red will actually denote ego. The purest and brightest color red as the ability to restore physical energy.

Pink - Rose Pink shows sensitivity and unselfish heart. Rose pink defines a person as a spiritual healer or has a spiritual healing process being implemented at the moment within them.

Orange - The brightest orange shows a healthy sexual drive, the more muddier color orange will say self-indulgence. A reddish orange can mean slyness, and a beaming orange flowing off of the body means their sexual drive is some what out of control.

Yellow - Intelligence, warm heart-ed and compassion is signified by a crystal clear bright beautiful yellow color. A more dark yellow would show fear, resent, or even a lazy person who thinks they are always the victim.

Green - Clear and grassy color green means balance and growth, while a more pastel color green means spirituality. A very dark green would be considered as envy and/or selfishness. A deeper more discolored green would indicate greed, deceit and/or depression.

Blue - The color blues shows a person is a very independent spirit and shows a very strong healing ability. A darker blue within different areas of the aura can signify stubbornness or even dogmatism, however, a very deep navy blue shows a very highly protective aura.

Indigo/Violet - The indigo color expresses a seeker for truth, it is also the color that represented priest and priestess for many years. A more pure bright violet color show an intense spiritual person.

Gray/Black - A strong black or gray over one's head means that a person maybe suffering from strong depression thoughts and mind-set. If the color is more in the lower area of the body below or on the solar plexus can mean negative emotions.

Brown - A rick brown color would say that a person can be or is materialistic can be good with business and has excellent organizational skills. A more dirty muddy color brown can mean one is very needy and has to have what they want at each moment of their desire.

Gold - Gold is a extremely rare color of the aura, it is a sign of the saints or even godly beings. It is used in healing and gives aid and protection overall.

Silver - If consumed by the color a person as a very erratic mental energy, can mean the person has a mental disability and lives life in one big illusion. Silver can also mean protection.

White - As with Gold this color is hardly ever seen, white indicates a highly evolved, divine spiritual being.