Articles about Spirituality

How to Start a Spiritual Journey
By:Alice Landry

Questing on a spiritual path can be experienced through many avenues. In order to consciously pursue an evolution in spirit, one must first gain awareness of a deeper spiritual element in life and have an inner desire to learn more about it. A spiritual journey can be filled with love and fear, progress and challenges, endings and beginnings. Commitment to a daily practice of obtaining knowledge and integrating that information into practical wisdom is often required for spiritual development. Regardless of religious preference, one can start a journey that enhances a connection to infinite wisdom and higher creative energy.

Write an intention in your journal to discover a spiritual path that resonates with your soul and can bring fulfillment in all life areas. Record whatever questions come to mind, such as "What is my purpose?" or "What is the best next step I should take in life?" Describe as much as you can about your concerns or interests regarding life and spirituality.

Observe for synchronicity and signs over the next few days. Take note of dream images and symbols, books that come to you by "coincidence" or advertisements for spiritual development workshops you just happen to notice. Follow through on guidance received.

Perform personal research and study. Go to your local library or bookstore. Review the New Age or spirituality section. Use your intuitive gut instinct as an indicator of which book to check-out or purchase. Make sure you at least discover one book that piques your natural curiosity and read it.

Search the Internet. Spiritual paths can range from Rosicrucianism and Theosophy to Sacred Feminine and Shamanistic Earth Magic and any eclectic mix in between. Read articles, listen to podcasts and sign-up for spiritual based newsletters. Explore the different arenas that foster personal development and evolution of consciousness. Incorporate what you want and let go of the rest.

Engage in a daily spiritual practice. Spirituality is about finding love and joy in yourself, your family, the world community, the environment, and a creator energy or source. Routine holistic self-care and self-awareness techniques (meditation, yoga, affirmations, and visualization) can reinforce personal confidence, happiness and respect. When you honor yourself, you learn to honor and connect more soulfully with others.