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How to Follow a Shamanism Lifestyle

Shamanism is a religion with ancient roots that emphasizes the interconnection between the physical and spirit worlds. Following a shamanic lifestyle can be a challenge, as you will be living differently than most other people in terms of your beliefs and practices. Followers of shamanism believe that the spirit can heal bacterial and viral infections, making modern medicine less necessary for survival. However, thanks to the guidance available, living a lifestyle compatible with shamanism is possible.

Understand the History of Shamanism

Research the practice of shamanism through the works of Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell was an author and teacher highly regarded for his contributions to the field of mystical religious studies.

Visit a Web site such as Tengerism.org to learn more about the religion of shamanism.

Practice the Values of Shamanism

Begin to exercise a strong respect for the environment. Shamanic believers respect plants, animals and even rocks, believing that everything is part of the spirit world.

Follow the teaching that suggests everything be done in moderation--a common teaching for several religions. Following this principle in shamanism is another way to honor your neighbors.

Be extremely mindful of your honor. In the practice of shamanism, respecting yourself and your relationships is one of the most important aspects of life.

Set up a worship area in your home for a homoir, which is an altar. This altar will hold sacred objects, including photos of your ancestors.

Burn incense at your altar. The smoke from incense is said to carry shamanic prayers to the spirit world above.

Share Your Knowledge

Find a shamanism community or form one of your own. It is important to find others to share your lifestyle.

Participate in your spiritual community on a regular basis. Community cooperation is key in shamanism.

Teach what you have learned to those who are interested in learning how to follow shamanism.