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How to Contact Spirits Through Shamanism

Shamanism, the practice of communicating with the spirits, is a religion that has been practiced since Neolithic times. People who practice shamanism believe in 2 different worlds, the material world and the spirit world. Shamanism is used to try to treat spiritual and physical ailments, ranging from serious health issues to simpler problems like insomnia. If you are seeking to contact spirits to heal yourself, you may wish to do so through a drumming ceremony. Drumming is said to help put your consciousness into a meditative state, opening you up to the spirit world.

Decide to Contact Spirits Through Drumming:

Understand what you hope to achieve by contacting spirits. Some people hope to ask for healing, speak to ancestors or gain more power on their path of shamanism.

Speak with a shamanism practitioner for recommendations about how to improve your drumming session. You can find a drum circle, as well as a list of practitioners, at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (see Resources below).

Consult with a shaman to understand the intricacies of a drumming ceremony. Someone who has been through contact with the spirit world can give you advice.

Set up the Ceremony:

Find a drumming ceremony to join that works under shamanistic principles. Contact your local health food or New Age store for nearby options.

Purchase or borrow a drum for the purpose of the ceremony. Consider having it blessed by a shaman, depending on your beliefs.

Gather any herbs that were recommended by the shamanism practitioner you spoke with. Consider performing an allergy test to make sure you aren't allergic to any of these herbs before taking them during your ceremony.

Participate in the Drumming Ceremony:

Meditate on the day of the drumming ceremony to get clear on what you hope to achieve during the ceremony.

Take the herbs, if any, prescribed by a shamanism practitioner. Follow instructions he or she had to achieve contact with the spirit world.

Join the drumming circle. Follow the rituals and rhythms of the drums to be transported to the spirit world.