Articles about Spirituality

Holding a Sťance

Weak of heart be warned: do not tamper with the spirits unless you are prepared for the ramifications. Ensure your own safety and set your boundaries when entering into this weighty task.

Gather all seance participants in a circle around a comfortable table.

Place a white candle and an altruistic religious symbol (rosary beads, etc.) in the center of the circle for protection.

Turn off the phone, move pets to another room, and remove any potentially distracting objects (such as wind chimes) to avoid unwanted noises.

Dim the lights to a comfortable level. Some prefer to turn the lights off all together, while others prefer a dim lamp. Choose whichever is most comfortable for those in the room.

Ask all participants to place their hands upon the table, with their fingers slightly spread. Each participant should touch pinkie fingers gently with his neighbor on either side.

Begin with a pre-determined opening prayer. The prayer should be short and sweet, designed to state benevolent purposes and to offer protection for all involved.

Concentrate on opening your circle to the arrival of spirits for a few moments. After a sufficient amount of time, ask if there are any spirits present.

Continue to focus upon the spirits in the room. Ask the spirits relevant questions which can be easily answered by indications of "yes" or "no."

Communicate with the spirits to the best of your abilities until you feel that it is time to end the session, or until you begin to feel tired.

Bid farewell to the spirits in the room, and state your gratitude for their participation in your meeting.

End the seance with a closing prayer similar to that which you opened with.