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How to Use Candles in Spiritualist Services
By:Araminta Matthews

Spiritualism is a church founded on the principles of mediumship, or communing with the spirit world. The religion was established in 1919 under the precept that communication with the Spirit World was not only possible but desirable as a means to improve personal character. Though spiritualism is credited as being as old as mankind, it was the table-rapping Fox sisters of Hydesville, New York who are credited with first unveiling the religion to the world. Spiritualism itself is a hodge podge of religions, drawing on Catholicism, Protestantism, and Wicca. The use of candlelight in a spiritualist service is similar to its use in other religious ceremonies -- candles symbolize stars, the inner light of the soul, prayers, and the symbolic transition of a problem from physical to the ethereal, such as in healing services. In short, candles create a speaking point for mediums to contact Spirits, to pray, or to contemplate. In addition, candle services often take place at Advent in Spiritualist Churches as a festival of light in which each candle honors the memory of a loved one.

Place the white candles in a circular pattern either on a tabletop or altar. If worshipping alone, place the candles in a circle around yourself at the twelve, three, six, and nine o'clock positions.

Light the candles in the memory of people who have passed on in your life or for the sake of someone else who is mourning if you are the practicing medium. Remember to breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth as you concentrate on the flame of the candle or candles in front of you until you feel relaxed or limp. Establish a communication device for the spirit, such as asking the candle to flicker left to right for "yes" and grow taller for "no". When you feel sufficiently relaxed, begin to question the spirits and watch the candles for your answer.

Affix a photograph of the loved one you wish to honor to each candle on the altar or around you to honor that loved one's spirit.

Pray. Using the candles to anchor yourself or your congregation, pray to your greater power and request the problem that you see manifest in your life be transformed into something more manageable just as the matter of the candle is transformed into the energy of the fire. This can symbolize the transition of the body to spirit, love, and healing.