Spirit Art

Lorraine Parkes
Spirit Drawings with interpretation <info@drawingsfromheaven.co.uk>

My spirit drawings appear in seconds and are drawn using oil pastel. I work on psychometry using handwriting to link with spirit. My guides were a famous cartoonist and a portrait artist when on this earth. The drawings can be very caricature and can include a comic strip. They show me information which I can interpret including what the person has seen on the way to see me and what they were talking about also. They contain lots of information as in past present and future. I am also bringing paintings now using watercolour and sponges. I have a website www.drawingsfromheaven.co.uk and have started to exhibit my work at mind body and spirit events. I have been developing my spiritual gifts for 5 years and am very privileged to have the abilities for automatic writing and drawing.