Spirit Art

Ginny Jones
Guide portraiture <john_keenan44@hotmail.com>

Spirit guide portraits: Before i begin the portrait i tune in into the energies and see all the guides and helpers that are around you. We all have lots of helpers - guides or relatives and loved ones. Some are with us for our whole life and others are only around for a time to help us with certain issues, I cannot choose who I Draw, as one guide will step forward and show himself or herself more clearly. This is the guide who will be painted. I have learned over the years, that this is always the being that the sitter needs to connect with the most at that moment in time, even if the sitter is not aware why.

I am a Spiritual artist, I am here to help humanity raise vibration, with life coaching, positive upliftment, the law of attraction and The Beauty of learning to love self.

Through my Art, Intuitive Tarot Readings, Crystal, Reiki and DNA Healing, using Crystalline Selenite, This is a very Powerful form of Healing.

I feel all of the work I do is a form of Healing.

All of my work comes from a place of pure divine love

Many Blessings

Ginny x