Spirit Art

June-Elleni Laine
Spirit Portraiture

My aim is to spread the word about Psychic Art by performig demonstrations, writing articles and offering talks, workshops and retreats to show how easily Psychic Art can be used to improve daily life and change the way we think and speak.

Having qualified at the Spiritualist Association Of Great Britain, also training with internationally recognised Psychic Artist Coral Polge, and now working regularly as a tutor and sensitive at Londonís College Of Psychic Studies, as well as Internationally, I feel I am well placed to push the boundaries of human potential, beyond the limits of the five senses.

During Spirit Portraiture, I make an intention to connect to spirit then allow the energy to lead. I sketch very quickly and without thought. I believe the images produced evolve by aligning with the energy of a discarnate spirit or consciousness.

To the observer, it may appear to be unpredictable scribbling; yet, as it quickly unfolds the lines surprisingly reveal a familiar face and message filled with the energy of the spirit communicator. The personality somehow reaching across the ether, in an attempt to make contact with loved ones left behind. These spirit contacts often provide information about their lives when they were on Earth so they can be recognised.