Spirit Art

Electronic Drawings

I am a qualified healer, medium, inspirational artist and published writer, but most of all I try to be a qualified human being. If you ask me what I would like to share with my readers, I will say, the journey, because that is all there is; the continual search for the truth. I hope you can join me on this path of discovery, through my artwork, my tarot cards and two heart-felt books that will teach you how to heal and connect with the world of Spirit.

I have only two missions in life at the moment: to make my mum feel as happy and safe as possible (she has Alzheimer's disease) and to make every human being I meet along my path feel loved.

One piece of advice on living a good life is this: forget the label society has given you - boss, engineer, teacher and be a human being first and foremost.

Wishing you love, light and peace on your journey.


Below: "Light"